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Why Warm Up?

Posted by Gym-Nest on Oct-23-2013

As the weather turns colder and our children spend more time sitting in classrooms rather than swimming in the pool, we thought it would be a good time to discuss the benefits of warming up before gymnastics. A warm up prepares both the body and the mind for the workout and training to come. At the Gym-Nest, we encourage our athletes to do their best and the warm up gives them the start they need.

  • Prevent Injury: Studies show that it requires more force to injure a muscle that has gone through a warm up than it does to injure a muscle with no warm up.
  • Enhance Performance: A warm up increases blood flow to the skeletal muscles and opens the capillaries. Increased blood flow results in increased muscle temperature and oxygen. The muscles work more efficiently with increased temperature.
  • Prepare Mentally: Technique, skill, and coordination improve when an athlete has mentally prepared for the activity.

Warm up exercises will vary depending upon the activity and the fitness level of the athlete. Warm ups have many forms. At the Gym-Nest, we sometimes incorporate games and activities before or during warm ups to help get the body ready. The Gym-Nest coaches will guide our athletes through appropriate warm ups so that each can obtain their optimal performance. Please feel free to speak with our coaches if you have any questions or concerns.