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Giving to Others Makes You Healthy!

Posted by Gym-Nest on Nov-25-2013

‘Tis a busy time of year and it can be overwhelming trying to fit everything into your busy days.  At the Gym-Nest, we always try to support the whole child, not just the athlete in each child. With that in mind, we would like to offer some thoughts to support our athletes and their families in keeping the holiday season joyful.

Did you know that there is scientific proof that giving makes a person healthy? How great is that!  Here are some interesting facts we found on Oprah.com:

1- Just thinking about giving produces positive effects on the body!

2-  Listening to others can reduce a persons risk of having a heart attack. Keep the “I’s”, “Me’s”, and “My’s” out of the conversation and truly listen to others.

3- When suffering from pain, the simple act of helping others in pain may release endorphins which will reduce a person’s pain.

4- Being socially connected results in less colds.

5- Love actually can speed healing!

6- Giving a massage will stop the adrenal gland from producing cortisol which in turn will make the massage GIVER feel better!

Here is scientific proof that it is better to give than to receive! Not only does the Gym-Nest offer ways to become physically healthy through exercise, but we offer many ways to get healthy by giving. Listen to your fellow students and offer help. Take time to be social with one another and if you are nursing an injury, seek out others who may be hurt and offer support. Not only will these acts help you stay feeling great during the hectic holiday season, but they are easy, and fun, to do all year long! Thank you to all who gave to our thanksgiving food drive which sponsored Riverhead foundation for marine research and preservation through atlantis marine world! If you are looking for a place to give, we currently have a Toys for Tots collection set up and we will be starting a Stony Brook Children’s Hospital fundraiser shortly! Thank you for your support and here’s to feeling good!

The Benefits of Using Curriculums at The Gym-Nest

Posted by Gym-Nest on Nov-12-2013

Curriculum is a word most people associate with education. The purpose of a curriculum is to map knowledge and skills which must be mastered in order to move to a higher level. Well, curriculums are not just for academic education. They can be useful tools in gymnastics as well and the Gym-Nest is happy to announce that we are in the process of updating our stellar curriculum for our students!

Just as following a curriculum will help a student proceed from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division,  a curriculum can help a student progress from a hand stand to a hand spring. Gymnastics is a progression sport meaning that one skill must be mastered in order to move on to the next. Here are a few reasons why curriculums have been initiated at the Gym-Nest:

  • A curriculum is designed to allow a child to progress at his/her own pace.
  • A curriculum ensures that a child learns in a safe and effective manner.
  • A child’s progress and development can be successfully tracked using a curriculum.
  • A visual tool, such as a curriculum, is an effective method to show a child his/her progress.
  • A curriculum will help a child learn correct form early in their gymnastics development.
  • When a substitute coach covers a class, a curriculum states exactly what skills the student is working on so there is no interruption.
  • Students can get the most out of make up classes as coaches can pull their curriculum form and know exactly what to work on.

As always, our goal here at the Gym-Nest is to train and develop our students into top notch athletes while ensuring their safety and overall well being. We feel our  curriculums are just one more tool we can utilize to accomplish this goal and look forward to implementing the updated versions in the coming months.