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Motivate Your Kids!

Posted by Gym-Nest on Feb-23-2014

It can be so tempting to curl up on the couch and snuggle under the blankets when it’s cold and snowy out. That’s fine for the occasional snow storm, but this winter it would mean we never leave the couch! So how do you motivate your kids, and yourself, to get up and get moving? Recently, The Gym-Nest shared some suggestions for fun outdoor activities in the snow. We hope you tried one or all and were rewarded with happy kids! Not only is gymnastics important to us, but we want to be a part of the overall health and happiness of our students.

Motivating kids can be tricky. Material rewards usually work, but how often can you deliver on ice cream sundaes or new video games? Kids need to desire internal rewards, doing something because it makes them feel good not because of the item they will receive. Winter time can be challenging due to cold weather, shorter days, homework and more. The good news is that the days are staying lighter later now and we know spring is not that far away. Spring fever usually brings a jolt of energy along with it which is good as long it doesn’t get in the way of completing tasks.

Motivating your child is not always simply about completing a task. It can be about motivating them to enjoy a certain lifestyle.

  • Be a role model:  What action do you hope to instill in your child? Whatever it is, be sure that you do it yourself. For example, if you would like your child to get up by 9:00 on the weekend, complete chores, then do some physical activity be sure that you do the same. “Because I said so” or “Do as I say, not as I do” do not work nearly as well as “actions speak louder than words”.
  • Do it together: If it’s chores around the house or going for a run, do it as a family. Not only will the kids benefit from family time, but it will reduce the bickering about who has more chores or why one kid has to do an activity while another doesn’t.
  • It’s ok to snuggle on the couch: In fact it’s great when you snuggle together. Use couch time as a reward for jobs well done. Set a time goal so that everyone has their tasks done and can sit and watch a family movie together.

Motivation is best when it comes from within. Show your children how great it feels to do a good job or to do activities even when they are challenging. This will help create the desire to do for themselves, not for you or for a reward.

We are proud of our family environment here at The Gym-Nest and hope it offers your family time and opportunity to enjoy one another. That’s what it comes down to after all. Motivate yourself to complete tasks so you can enjoy relaxation and fun. Motivate yourself to be active, to stay healthy, so you can enjoy relaxation and fun. And of course, relaxing and having fun is always great when done as a family!

Fresh Ideas for the Fresh Snow Fall!

Posted by Gym-Nest on Feb-12-2014

Getting a little tired of all that white stuff floating to the ground? How about your kids? Snow days are fun because they are a change in the routine, but this winter, snow days have become the routine! Well, you know we love routines here at The Gym-Nest so we thought if snowfalls are keeping your kids from the routine of their gymnastics instruction, then we will offer some fun ways to enjoy the snow and be active!

  • Toys do not have to be seasonal! Hula hoops can be great fun in the snow. Just try to keep them going when all bundled up. What a challenge! Or, lay them flat in the snow and jump from hoop to hoop. Try increasing the distance between hoops and see who can make the longest jump!
  • Inner tubes can be used in the snow too. Have a seat and use your feet to move along and race some friends.
  • Be creative and use snow to sculpt all kinds of different snow critters and use bits of nature as eyes, antennae, etc.
  • Fill some spray bottles with water tinted with different colors of food dye and use the snow as a large canvas for the kids to “paint” on.
  • Tic Tac Toe takes on new excitement when the board is drawn in the snow and sticks are used to make  the “x’s” and pine cones or rocks are used to make the “o’s”.
  • Tinted water can also be frozen into cubes, then hidden in the yard for a scavenger hunt.
  • Fore! Pack down a section of snow and then push small sand buckets or plastic cups down into the snow. Mark the “holes” with sticks and now you have a golf course!

Let’s make the most of the snow! Before we know it, we will be hot and wishing for cooler weather! Do you have some good snow time activities to share? Head over to the Gym-Nest’s facebook page and share!