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Gym-Nest Policies


  • All classes are to be paid in full for the current month at the time of registration.

  • Your Membership is continuous and, will renew and be charged annually from the date of registration. We offer two sessions per year. Our Fall session is September -June and our Summer session is July and August. You may cancel your membership at any time by providing Gym-Nest with 30 days’ notice prior to the billing cycle. You must provide written notification by completing the Notification of Withdrawal form. There is no fee to cancel membership. All benefits earned are surrendered at the time of withdrawal.

  • Monthly Tuition is billed automatically and charged the last Friday of the month for the following month. You must provide Gym-Nest with 30 days’ notice of cancellation to stop the billing cycle.

  • There is a $10 discount for siblings for the Fall, Spring & Summer session.

  • For the child that takes 2 or more classes per week, there is an additional discount for the Fall, Spring and Summer session.

  • There are NO REFUNDS for MISSED CLASSES. (see “Make-up” Policy below).

  • There will be a $35.00 charge for any check returned to us from the bank.

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards, debit cards, cash, or checks.

  • If a student withdraws because of emergency circumstances (medical injury), a credit is allowed for future tuition. 

  • The club reserves the right to cancel, combine, or re-schedule classes, due to lack of registration.



  • As a courtesy we offer/allow one makeup per month on select classes. Make-ups for Pre School and 1 hour classes will be permitted in a class with availability. Students in our 1.5 and 2 hour classes will be permitted to do make-up in Open Gym (on select nights) or on a day or time designated by Gym-Nest.

  • The make-up class MUST be scheduled in advance through the office. If you can not make one of our offerings or miss a scheduled make-up, you will forfeit that class/make up.

  • Make-ups must be completed during the registered session and may not be credited to succeeding sessions.

  • Make-up scheduling is the responsibility of the individual student and parent.

  • No monetary reimbursements are applicable for classes not made up.​

​Cancellations Due to Inclement Weather:​ 

  • The Gym-Nest will try to reschedule “make-up” days for inclement weather. If the make-up class you need does not fit into our schedule or yours, it is the responsibility of the student and parent to reschedule his or her make-up.



Acknowledgment of Risk and Waiver of Liability. You must read before signing! To the best of my knowledge, my child(ren) is/are in good health and physically capable of participating in the programs offered by Gym-Nest Gymnastics, its affiliates, or subcontractors. I will not bring my child(ren) for their lesson if suffering from any respiratory, infectious, or contagious illness or disease. I understand that if such an illness is apparent, my child(ren) will be removed from class that day. I recognize that potentially severe injuries, including but not limited to gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, trampoline, dance, slackline, ball sports, party activities, and martial arts. Being fully aware of these dangers, I voluntarily consent for my child(ren) to participate in all Gym-Nest programs and accept all risks associated with that participation. In consideration for allowing my child(ren) to use these facilities, I, on my own behalf and behalf of my child(ren) and our respective heirs, administrators, executors, and successors, hereby forever release and covenant not to sue the Gym-Nest, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, volunteers, and all others associated with the corporation(s) from liability for any and all damages and injuries suffered by my child or myself while under instruction, supervision, or control of Gym- Nest. I also understand Gym-Nest retains the rights to use photographs, videos, recordings, or any other record of events for publicity (included but not limited to websites, social media, and other digital formats), advertising, or any legitimate purposes. I agree that all information on this form as well as information regarding schedules, classes, events, or other activities can be shared with my child's other parent or guardian. I also agree if the Gym-Nest, its staff, affiliates, or subcontractors are required to obtain a lawyer or incur expenses resulting from any domestic issues, I will reimburse the Gym-Nest for said expenses. I hereby agree to individually provide for all present and possible future medical expenses which may be incurred by my child(ren)

or myself as a result of any injury sustained while participating at or for Gym-Nest. I have read and understand this acknowledgment of risk and waiver of liability and I voluntarily affix my name in agreement. I am also aware and agree with the Gym-Nest Make-Up Policy. 



Here at Gym-Nest we offer a two week money back guarantee. If for any reason after attending the first two scheduled classes you are not satisfied with the program or it is not a good fit for your child, you will receive a full refund.

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