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10 Reasons to Hangout at Gym-Nest this Summer!

  1. Summer Camps are a blast! We offer both Gymnastics and Ninja Warrior Camps.

  2. Keep up with your current skills. If you continue classes over the summer you won’t have to relearn your skills in the fall.

  3. Learn new skills! Add on to the skills you already have and progress to the next level.

  4. Flexible make-ups. If you go on vacation you can make-up in another class.

  5. Two words: air conditioning.

  6. Specialized clinics where you get to work on your favorite skills.

  7. Try a new class. We offer Gymnastics, Tumbling, Ninja Warrior, and Lyra classes.

  8. Keeping some structure throughout the year is beneficial to athletes and families.

  9. Staying fit and active throughout the summer will help make the transition into the school year smoother.

  10. Flipping is awesome!

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